Calming an ADHD or Fidgety Child

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a very common issue that many kids face, and it reflects in their inattentiveness or hyperactive behavior. I myself used to have mild ADHD and my parents were always kept busy keeping up with my tempo and restlessness. However, with age, I gradually grew out of the symptoms and could better focus and stay calm in my daily activities.

ADHD is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of, although parents of kids with ADHD are very often tired or stressed out keeping up with their child’s tantrums / meltdowns or simply hyperactivity. Here’s why we’ve decided to share a few personal tips on how to better react to your child’s needs before a meltdown (or during a meltdown itself too!)

Calming a child down is no simple feat, but with determination and patience, it is doable!

  1. Our ultimate favourite way to soothe a child’s restless soul is through music! Yes, it’s as simple as playing a soothing classical music piece in the background (keep the volume in check, as loud sounds may further excite your child).
  1. Doing relaxing and calming activities such as yoga, which is also a great family activity with health benefits, helps divert your child’s energy to a more focused and positive outlet, in turn calming them down. If yoga isn’t really an option (if you’re outdoors or in a restaurant), simply step out for a nice slow stroll, and get some fresh air.
  1. Hit the playground every morning! Yes! Having a run around the playground or at the park is not just all fun – your child will learn to channel his/her energy in a healthy manner, and the endorphins (and chemicals) released from it also contributes to reducing anxiety in your child. Furthermore, frequent exercise can also reduce ADHD symptoms in the long run!


Personally, my dad used to take me to the playground every single evening to burn off my excess energy, and when it’s time for bed, I would usually be worn out and ready to rest! We mix it up occasionally with swimming and badminton too!

Of course, all these tips are based on what we have learnt from our friends and family and from personal experiences with ADHD, and should not be taken in place of professional medical advice. No matter, we want you to know that we are with you in this journey of parenting and growing with your child, so never feel alone and in times when you feel worn out and defeated, know that many others like us have been through it too and the love for our child will also triumph over the fatigue.

All the best, Mummies and Daddies! 😉