Leave the Ladies Drooling with Dribble Ons!

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As the title suggests… Leave the ladies drooling with Dribble Ons!

Babies tend to drool a lot in the first two years of their life – most often before 18 months old. This is because they have yet to fully gain control of swallowing and the muscles in their mouths at such a young age, and hence the saliva produced usually “spills over” as drool.

Often, babies who are teething tend to experience more drooling than others as their saliva glands are much more active which contributes to drooling.

Babies are all things wonderful and for many of us, we can’t resist how adorable they are! However, babies do have their unglamorous times too, don’t they? Drooling is one of top on our not-so-fun list.


Of course we all understand that this is a phase that is part and parcel of a baby’s growth, however we can find some simple solutions to better manage this experience!

In our time, our mummies tend to fold a little hanky and tuck it from our collar to act as a bib for our drool.  However, times have changed and although that’s still a really practical and useful method to deal with drool, we have other options which are not only functional, but may complement your baby’s outfit as a fashion statement too!

Excited? We sure are!

Dribble Ons are very simple yet fashionable pieces that boasts the ‘kerchief look and serves just that purpose! It is highly absorbent and with the two-stud fastening, so you can count on Dribble Ons to grow with your child.

There is an array of colours to choose from! Simply head over here to take your pick and revolutionize the way you handle a drooling situation today. 🙂