Little Me wanna be like Mummy!

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Everyone has their own childhood obsession – be it a dirty little blankie, a cuddly plushie or that bright red toy truck. Well, for me it was a seashell makeup set! Just like many little girls, I used to see the pretty ladies on TV with makeup and accessories, and mummy all dolled up when we head out for a nice meal. Naturally I was curious, and wanted a hand in mum’s blings! Instead, my nanny got me a simple little kiddy makeup set and we would play dress-up with the neighbor’s kids, clipping on fake earrings and borrowing our mummy’s oversized bracelets.

But gone are the days whereby kids can only follow their mummy’s style and feed their curiosity in mummy’s dresser! What do I mean? Well, we have here a kid-friendly accessories kit which not only provides hours of fun dressing up, it also hones creativity and encourages engagement by allowing your child to have a hands-on experience creating their very own jewelry pieces!

What’s more, these accessories can be put together easily with no mess (no glue involved!) and it’s great for a kids party or stayover!

Needless to say, this is also an ideal solution for the little curious kid whose head is always up mummy’s wardrobe! :p

Christmas is around the corner, so if any mummy or daddy out there is looking for a gift for your little girl, do check out the Pom Tree Mega Craft Kit Dress Up! 😉