Love the Sun but Love Yourself too!

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Sunscreen is an essential part of our daily routine, even for the little ones, especially in this bright and sunny island. Many people including myself, used to think that sunscreen was only necessary during vigorous outdoor activities or sports like swimming and cycling. Well that’s a huge misconception!

Sunscreen is essential to protect our skin from harmful UV rays (UV-A and UV-B rays) which we are exposed to, everyday.  It penetrates our skin, attacking our bodies straight! UV rays can not only cause our kids to have red, itchy, painful patches of sunburnt skin, but also many other adverse effects like premature ageing of the skin, suppression to the immune system, or in most severe cases, skin cancer.

Watch this short video to see how these UV rays can hurt you and your child.

Knowing how our skin is being damaged constantly everyday, there’s no time to lose in taking some protective measures! Start early and choose the right sunscreen for your child.

Of course, there are countless of brands of sunscreen in the market, and mommies may be facing a tough time deciding on the right one – much less to say, one that is suitable for your kids. So here are some guidelines to look out for in purchasing a sunscreen for your child.

  • Do choose a sunscreen that offers a broad spectrum of coverage from UV-A rays
  • Studies have shown that a sunscreen of SPF 15-30 is more than ideal coverage for a child, so mommies can browse one in this range.
  • Always opt for a waterproof sunscreen! Mommies, this is extra convenient for you and your child as although they may not be doing any water activities that requires a waterproof sunblock, they will still constantly perspire which may ‘wash’ off the existing layer of UV rays protection. Hence, opting for a waterproof one will save you the hassle of constant reapplication and worry of insufficient coverage!
  • Many sunscreens may be lightly scented with lemongrass which not only works as a sunblock, but may also double-up as a repellant due to the properties of lemongrass as an ingredient. However, if your child has sensitive skin or any existing skin conditions, it is highly advisable that mommies choose one that is fragrance-free (scent-free) to prevent any possible irritation to the skin.

No worries with all these considerations in mind, as we have just the right sunscreen for your child. We recommend the California Baby range of sunscreens which comes in both types of application: the lotion and sunblock stick for easy, hassle-free application!

California Baby® SPF 30+ Year-round Sunscreen Lotion (for normal skin-type, daily use) and California Baby SPF 30+ Summer Blend Sunscreen Lotion (for more vigorous activities / water sports) are a few choices mommies and daddies can check out. Also, we offer the California Baby® No Fragrance SPF 30+ Sunscreen Lotion so not to worry if your child has sensitive skin and requires a little extra protection 😉

Just a tip: do remember to test the sunscreen on a small part of your child’s arm before full-body application.

Stay safe and sun-kissed with diligent usage of sunscreen! 😉