Nurturing Your Child’s Creative Soul

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Hey Guys,

We cannot stress how important Art is to every child’s development. While we are familiar with the fact that we each have a Left Hemisphere and Right Hemisphere of our brains, are we familiar with what they are responsible for?

Well here’s a quick summary:



As you can see, most of the academic-related knowledge is controlled by the Left Hemisphere of our brains. While softer attributes such as creativity, feelings and intuition is handled by the Right Hemisphere of our brains.

Having said that, do you see how important it is to develop the Right Hemisphere of our brains, as much as the Left Hemisphere is? Young children have a natural inclination towards the arts and the power of their imagination is boundless. So although we may not be out to raise artists or musicians, it is always nice to allow them to busk in the relaxation and fun of the arts and music. 🙂

Colouring and doodling are usually the first acts of the artistic mind in young children. And as much as we would love to allow them to fully explore their potential in the arts, sometimes the cleaning up can be quite a headache (especially for kids who are a tad more adventurous and love to doodle even on the walls and furniture!). However, fret not! Here’s a great solution:


Playons are the perfect first crayons for your child! They are Fun, Stain free, Strong and easy to hold for little hands. These crayons are also certified NON TOXIC so parents do not have to fear should your child accidentally sucks on the crayons (as we know little kids are prone to!). Furthermore, its design allows easy stacking and packing too! 🙂

Playons are available in both Pastel (image above) and Primary colours! So if you’re looking for an artsy solution, here you have it! 😉