Our Favourite Halloween Costumes!

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So October has come to an end and so has the ever-eventful Halloween holiday! Personally I enjoy this holiday very much as it serves as a good bonding time with friends and family to dress-up in sporting good fun, and do something exciting (like visiting the Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore) or simply enjoy some endearing time trick-or-treating with the little ones!

This year, the Halloween spirit is strong! The internet (especially Pinterest!) is flooded with pictures of amazing and innovative get-ups! We had so much fun browsing through them and so we’ve decided to share our top few favourite picks!


Halloween costumes don’t always have to be scary. Spaghetti and meatballs + a cuddly little baby? Need we say more! This is a straight path to our hearts!


When cowboys and rodeos are not cool enough, so daddy tranforms your little wagon into a jet plane and mummy dolls you both up as pilots! Wow, looking suave boys! We can sense the immense amount of effort that went into this look, and we are loving it!


If there are two things that we love most in the world, it’d be babies and old people (apart from all the cuddly creatures)! But what about babies being old people? Can’t deny this is absolutely A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. (Psss, pretty ingenious considering the walker can not only be a prop for the costume, but also a support for your little ones who are still a little wobbly on their feet!)


Awwww, that little guy in flippers with his little tongue stuck out.. that’s a straight DIVE into our hearts! hahaha, dive.. diver. Get it? Punny indeed.


Hey there big guy, guess who’s looking like a boss? You, hun! What a great idea for those kids who are a little too young to be running about on their own getting candy! Mummy or daddy can easily push baby around in a stroller and still look the part for Halloween! 10/10 for creativity and practicality!

We hope you guys had a sweet, sweet holiday this Halloween and as usual, we’d love to see/hear what you guys dressed up as! 🙂 Drop us a comment or pic to share with us! 😉