The Joy of Crafts!

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Kids are naturally curious and creative souls that want to explore and learn. What better way to do so than by engaging their minds with a day of fun crafts!

Art and crafts is something that we should expose and introduce to our kids from young as it not only helps develop essential skills in life such as motor skills and innovative skills, it also helps nature an appreciation for the finer things in life and serves as a healthy avenue for stress-relief in future.

Crafts are easy and fun, however many underestimate its benefits in this academically-focus society – which is really sad!

So here at Shopping Paradise, we would love to share with you guys a few fuss-free crafts kits which you can bond over with your kids this weekend (without the headache of cleaning up)! Sounds great right? Let’s get to it then!


Our current favorites are the Pom Tree Pets: Owl / Blue Bird! Not only do you not have to clean up, as the parts only requires stick-on (so no glue, no mess!), each kit comes with a Mama and Baby! Adorable is not its only bonus point – these crafts can be kept and cuddled as plushies after you’re done creating them! Way to take utmost pride in your work – this definitely is a great confidence and self-esteem booster for the young ones.


Of course, if plushies are not your little one’s thing, there are also the No Sew Pillow Puffs Dog / Cat Kits! The mechanics are the same – no glue, no mess! And they get to keep their very own masterpiece too!


We hope this post introduced you to some pretty amazing craft kits that you and your child will enjoy!