Throwing a Last Minute Christmas Party!

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2016 has indeed been an eventful and busy year for most, and many of us have found ourselves in a little sticky situation – our kids are eagerly looking forward to Christmas, and we may have just put off planning that Christmas gathering a tad too long… What then are we supposed to do? Christmas is less than a week away – how are we to plan a party at the last minute!

Well, here are a few tips and suggestions on putting together a fun and intimate kid-friendly Christmas party that will take just enough effort to execute in time for Christmas Day.

1. Party Food – how’s a party complete without any food! While ordering a turkey or ham may be a little late, simple baking of a glazed ham or turkey is still possible to keep up the festive mood! In addition, include the little one’s efforts too by coming together to bake some festive cookies – they’ll serve as great party treats!

2. Games – Easy to host games such as Musical Chairs is a must-have! Simply put on a Christmas carol and the game will be complemented duly. 🙂 Games such as Pie-face and Pass the Parcel are also quick to plan and easy to follow – allowing younger kids to join in the fun!

3. Bonding Time – Another great activity to have at the party would be to throw on a Christmas-theme movie. Titles such as Elf, The Polar Express are classics and kids will definitely bask in the festive mood! Movie-time also allows the adults for some relax time to mingle and catch up by themselves while still keeping the children engaged with a movie.

4. Decorations – Decorations need not be expensive. Daiso serves up an array of Christmas decorations which are only $2 a piece, allowing you to light up your home with festive cheer without breaking the bank!

5. Gifts – Of course gifting is optional, but as the saying goes: giving is receiving. If you’re still on the lookout for a great gift for your child this Christmas, do checkout our site for many educational and fun books and game sets to gift your child. In the spirit of giving, we are also having a 20% off all books and toys on our site, and have brought in several special titles for the holiday. So do check them out, you may just find the right gift for your little ones. 🙂


With that, we end off the year, and here’s wishing you and your family a joyous and Merry Christmas!