Travelling Tips for the Kids!

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The long awaited year-end holiday is around the corner! That means bringing the family out for a nice, fun getaway! Of course, the thought of a family vacation is extremely exciting, but hold up… We all have to get past the most dreaded part first – packing!

While packing for the adults may seem an easy task, it takes slightly more effort and thought to pack for the kids. But no worries, we have thought up a travelling checklist that mummy and daddy can use as a guideline as to ensure they are well-packed and ready for their holiday!


Check List for Holiday Toiletry Bag!


  1. Shower Foam and Shampoo!

As we all know by now, children’s skin are generally more sensitive than a grown up’s skin. So although hotels and resorts mostly do provide shower foam and shampoo during your stay, it is still recommended to bring your own shower gels that your kids are already used to. This helps prevent any unnecessary skin reactions to the shower gels provided by the hotel/resort, providing your family with assurance.

  1. Sunscreen!

Hey, being on holiday doesn’t mean you can lay off diligently applying sunscreen to your skin! Sunscreen is still essential when staying outdoors and does a lot more good than you think!  (Take a look at our previous post to find out why!)

  1. Hair Mousse!

Did someone say a picture? Yes! We are bound to take lots of pictures while on holiday, so when would be the right time to get a little dressy and stylish if it isn’t now? Bring along a tube of California Baby Jelly Hair Mousse for your trip, to settle all your little sweethearts’ bad hair days, and watch as they rock their stylish new hairdos!

  1. Diaper Rash Cream!

Diapers… check! Baby wipes… check! Hold on a second, did you forget to pack in a tube of Diaper Rash Cream? This simple yet essential item is too often forgotten when we are bombarded with so many things to pack for our kids. However, do not underestimate the importance of this slim tube of cream… it may just be the only solution to the painful, uncomfortable itching for your child!

Diaper Rash can be frustrating to handle – both for the child and the parent. No one wants a jolly good day to simply be ruined by constant itching and pain right? California Baby Super Sensitive / Therapeutic Relief Diaper Cream can provide immense relief to your kids suffering from diaper rash. So always remember to bring a tube along if your child is still using diapers!

  1. Toothbrush!

Lastly, toothbrush! As the toothbrushes provided in hotels and resorts tend to have very big ‘heads’ and stiff bristles, it may hurt your child’s tender gums. Hence, it’s best to be ready with their own children/baby toothbrushes!

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Of course, now that a large part of the packing essentials is settled, let’s move on to the fun part!! No matter the mode of transport, long railway train rides, ferry rides or even flights can make your child restless. They will be bored and fidgety, itching to find someone fun to do! Well, here are some tips mummy and daddy can consider to occupy and entertain your child on the tedious long journeys.


  1. Read with the kids!

Reading is fun and educational, and helps to kill time while entertaining the little ones, not a bad deal, yea?

  1. Look for Shapes in the Clouds!

If you’re taking a flight, and happen to get a window seat, you can consider spotting shapes in the clouds with the kids! It not only bonds families, it induces kids to unleash their creativity at the same time.

  1. Watch a Movie!

In-flight movies are usually provided free-of-charge for most carriers, so sit your child down and enjoy a movie together if he or she is getting restless.


Hope this post helps you prepare for your trips!