Upsize 3D Mini Puzzles!

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Are your little ones starting to learn about animals but books are not really their thing (yet)? Well, good news! Learning doesn’t only stop at books – here at Shopping Paradise, we embrace the different learning styles of each child and we believe strongly in learning while playing. Hence, we actively source for educational books (soft books, audio books etc) and educational toys to share with you and your child.

Our latest addition to the variety of educational toys we have, is the Upsize 3D Mini Puzzles!

What are these really? Well, they are basically a box of 4 foam pieces which have removable puzzle pieces within them, for your child to assemble a mini animal! These mini collectible animals come in sets of 4 based on their theme (eg. Safari, Dinosuars…), and each set includes one map piece and one themed cardboard accessory to go along with the background!

Here’s how it works!

After you and your child have collected all 6 sets, you can then piece it out into a whole larger map! This is how it could look like!


Who said learning couldn’t be fun? 🙂 If your child needs a play mat instead, these foam pieces can be put together to form a small play mat for him or her – versatile isn’t it? 🙂 And after play time, these mini puzzles can be disassembled and packed easily too. With a total of 24 animals across 6 interesting themes, your child will never have a dull day of learning anymore!

Get yours today over here!